11 Fragments

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11 Fragments
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99 BCE-99 CE
Primary Description: 
11 Fragments. Translucent green, bluish-green matrix with similar round canes cased with thick opaque yellow glass, all weathered; mosaic glass or millefiori technique. I: Fragment preserves corner of a large revetment panel. II: Revetment fragment preserving corner of a panel, exterior surface tooled and fire-polished. III: Fragment of a large shallow thick-walled dish with randomly placed canes and a wide wheel-cut or lathe-cut groove on the interior just below rim. V: Small flat wall revetment fragment perhaps preserving finished edge at its smallest dimension. VI: Rim fragment of a thick rounded rim bowl. VII: Body fragment of a plate or bowl preserving two concentric lathe-cut grooves on interior surface. VIII: Horizontal rounded rim of a large bowl with wheel-cut grooves at juncture between ledge, rim and body; upper surface lathe-polished, exterior fire-polished. IX: Fragment of a long narrow rectangular wall revetment element. X: Rectangular piece of wall revetment possibly chipped and reworked on all sides to fit into a repair. XI: Wall revetment square possibly reground on all four sides.
Tano, Phocion J. (Greek), Source