12 Panels with Zodiac Signs

Object Name: 
12 Panels with Zodiac Signs

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Object Name: 
12 Panels with Zodiac Signs
Accession Number: 
(Square panels) H: 49.5 cm, W: 49.2 cm; (gold squares): 4 x 4 cm;
Not on Display
about 1950-1960
Primary Description: 
Colorless flat glass; mirrored, sandblasted, gilt. (A-L) Square panels; each decorated with the zodiac sign carved on front and zodiac image on backside, as follows: (A) Aries, a ram in left profile with front legs raised, surrounded by star forms; (B) Taurus, a bull in left profile with head lowered and tail arched, surrounded by star forms; (C) Gemini, two partly draped nude twin figures holding large horn, surrounded by star; (D) Cancer, a crab as viewed from above, surrounded by stars; (E) Leo, a lion in left profile with right front paw raised and head upturned and looking backward, surrounded by stars; (F) Virgo, a sitting, partly draped, nude figure with flower next to left hand, surrounded by stars; (G) Libra, a balance surrounded by stars; (H) Scorpio, a scorpion surrounded by stars; (I) Sagittarius, an archer with bow surrounded by stars; (J) Capricorn, a goat in right profile but with head in left profile and fish-like tail, surrounded by stars; (K) Aquarius, a partly draped nude male water bearer with fish-like flippers at end of each leg, spilling water to his left from an urn held overhead, surrounded by stars; (L) Pisces, two fish, surrounded by stars.
Winter, Lewis, Source