2 Pendant Beads

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Object Name: 
2 Pendant Beads
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600-250 BCE
Primary Description: 
A) Translucent turquoise glass, bubbly with striations, applied opaque yellow and translucent deep blue; core-formed, trailed and tooled decoration. Pendant bead in the shape of a seated baboon, large head tooled to form snout, nose highlighted with two yellow dots, bulging yellow eyes with blue centers, high arches eyebrows of yellow; body partially lost, short legs and arms applied in yellow, hands pulled up to snout, suspension loop in turquoise on back of neck, now lost. B) Opaque white glass, pitted with weathering film on surface, applied translucent deep blue glass; core-formed with trailed and tooled decoration. Small pendant bead in the form of a ram's head modeled in white with applied eye of blue and a blue cane with spirally twisted white applied as horns, onto this is attached a blue ear.
Parke-Bernet Galleries, NYC, Source