2 Scaraboid Stamp Seals

Object Name: 
2 Scaraboid Stamp Seals

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Object Name: 
2 Scaraboid Stamp Seals
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Primary Description: 
A) Translucent deep blue. Cast, drilled, engraved, and polished. Stamp seal: scaraboid. Impression: Hunter on horseback rides toward left in pursuit of ibex, with part of oval border, above scene. B) Transparent light green glass; cast, drilled, engraved, polished. Stamp seal, scaraboid; impression: galloping horse draws chariot with eight-spoked wheel to left; two figures in chariot: driver, wearing cap, holding reins and brandishing whip, and hunter who turns back and stabs rampant lion which has head turned back.
Pre-Roman and Early Roman Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass (1979) illustrated, pp. 102-103, #201-202 (A, B); BIB# 29547