3 Mirror Frames or Pendants

Object Name: 
3 Mirror Frames or Pendants

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Object Name: 
3 Mirror Frames or Pendants
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Primary Description: 
Grey lead with glass insert, with buff incrustations adhering; cast in an open mold. (A) Circular plaque, "sunburst" pattern, central opening surrounded by a band of 17 raised relief circles with central dots, 13 triangular rays terminating in similar relief circles radiate from the band, a crushed circular suspension loop above and a rectangular tab on the bottom are also decorated with circle and dot pattern, four prongs bent into the back supported a mirror. (B) Similar to (A) but more elaborate - a wider frame around a smaller hole is openwork, circle and dot pattern on outside alternate with more elaborate elements now twisted and bent, two open rings oppose each other and seem to be decorative elements on either side of the more elaborate suspension loops; beneath one of the four supporting prongs on the back is a small piece of heavily weathered glass. (C) Two-thirds of a simple circular frame with small, circular elements decorated with four, five or six raised relief dots alternating with openwork areas, no pendant decorative elements or supporting prongs preserved on the back.
Galerie Nefer, Source