3 Vessels

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Object Name: 
3 Vessels
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Not on Display
about 1750
Primary Description: 
Opalescent white non-lead glass; blown, enameled. (Aa) Inverted baluster form, with short, tapered neck; rounded shoulders, waisted neck, flared and rounded foot; polychrome enameled elaborate wavy borders at top and bottom; enameled blue oval shield bearing three yellow-and-red fleurs-de-lis, scrolled yellow-and-red frame; crown above; medal, consisting of a blue- rimmed white cross with central dove, and with four fleurs-de- lis in the corners, suspended from a red ribbon tying two palm fronds together, flanking the shield; the remainder of the sides filled with elaborate foliate scrolls; bottom with conical kick and rough pontil mark. (Ab) Double-domed form, with folded rim and tapering brim; enameled wavy borders, dashes on rim, and elaborate foliate scrolls; applied elaborate multi-tiered finial with trailed pincered looping, enameled yellow, blue, red, and green; tiered triple-knopped finial above; small rough pontil mark inside. (Ba, Ca) Baluster form, with flared rim, waisted neck, bulbous base; polychrome enameled decoration, with wavy and straight bands on the neck; oval blue shield containing three yellow-and-red fleurs-de-lis, with yellow-and-red petal frame, on the side; the remainder of the sides filled with foliate scrolls; short, straight stem; conical foot with folded rim; small pontil mark. (Bb, Cb) Stopper of globular form with long, hollow tube; the sides of the globular tops with elaborate polychrome-enameled foliate scrollwork.
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