49 Beads

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Object Name: 
49 Beads
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about 450-650
Primary Description: 
Glass: (A,B,L) opaque white, (C,D,S,T) opaque yellow, (E-G) opaque red, (H-J) translucent pale brown, (K) almost colorless, casing gold foil, (M) opaque grayish green, (N-P) transparent pale yellowish green, (Q,X,Y,QQ) transparent pale green, (R) "black", (U,W) translucent deep blue, (V) opaque greenish white, (Z) transparent pale green with opaque yellow trail, (AA,BB,DD) "black" with opaque white trail, (EE-GG,II-KK,PP) "black" with bluish green trail, opaque red with opaque yellow trail, (HH) opaque red with opaque white trail, (LL) opaque red with opaque white and translucent green trails, (MM) opaque red with mosaic glass inlays, (NN,OO) opaque red with opaque white and opaque yellow trails, and (QQ) opaque greenish gray with opaque white trails. (RR-WW are made of amber.); drawn, tooled, applied. (A) Cylindrical (type 1); (B,G) spheroid (type 1); (H,I) bulbous (type 3); (J-M) tubular, small (type 4); (N-V) annular (type 7); (W) barrel-shaped/biconical (type 9); (X,Y) ribbed ("melon") (type 16); (Z) annular, with zigzag stripe (type 19); (AA-CC,EE) annular, with zigzag stripe (type 20); (DD) annular, with wavy stripes (type 20); (FF) biconical, with wavy stripes (cp. type 20); (GG) spheroid, with applied blobs (type 22); (HH) spheroid, with spirally-wound trail (type 23); (II) tubular, with spirally-wound trail and blobs (type 23); (JJ) tubular, with two zigzag trails (type 23); (KK) tubular, ribbed, with spirally-wound trail (type 23); (LL) spheroid, with white spirally-wound trail overlaid by green zigzag trail (type 35); (MM) spheroid, with mosaic-glass inlays (type 35); (NN) cylindrical, with white swirls overlaid by yellow stripes (type 36); (OO) cylindrical with white and yellow zigzag stripes (type 37); (PP) parallelepiped with superimposed zigzag trails (type 45); (QQ) oblate spheroid with trailed decoration (type 50); (RR) annular (cp. types 10,11); (SS-TT) spheroid (type 12); (UU-VV) discoid (cp. types 10,11, but large); (WW) biconical (cp. type 9).
Blok, W. Bastiaan, Source
Roman Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass, Volume Three (2003) illustrated, pp. 60–62, #988; BIB# 58895