6 Beads and Pendant

Object Name: 
6 Beads and Pendant

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Object Name: 
6 Beads and Pendant
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1400-1200 BCE
Primary Description: 
6 Beads and Pendant. Translucent greenish-blue, translucent medium blue, translucent green, translucent greenish-grey, opaque white, and opaque yellow glass, all bubbly with some stone, dull surfaces, some unweathered; formed on cores or wire, trail-decorated, tooled. (-1) Short cylindrical bead of greenish-grey matrix, trail-decorated with opaque white and inlaid with four composite eyes, a deep blue center on a white background in a translucent yellow-brown ground, all somewhat marvered into the surface; large suspension hole. (-2) Roughly flattened spherical bead of white matrix with four small blobs of blue glass applied on the surface in a zigzag order. (-3) Ovoid bead or pendant of greenish-blue glass, very bubbly, two eyes each yellow-brown glass in a white matrix applied opposite each other along the horizontal suspension hole; between the two is a large chip which may suggest a lost suspension loop. (-4) Thick disc-shaped bead of medium blue glass flattened on both sides, one face retains an amethyst (?) dot in a large white field surrounded by a white cane spirally wound with amethyst (?), where the spiral trail ends meet, a small dot of opaque yellow is preserved, possibly the remains of a suspension loop. (-5) Flattened disc-shaped bead of green matrix similar to (-6), an amethyst dot in a large white circle forms an eye on one face, a white trail spirally wound with amethyst encircles this, where the trail meets a scar of opaque yellow remains, probably the base of a suspension loop. (-6) Flat disc-shaped bead of yellow glass with a suspension loop also horizontally pierced, one face retains an eye motif, a yellow-brown dot in a white matrix all in a larger yellow-brown field.