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Object Name: 
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Overall Diam: 1.2 cm, L: 3.5 cm
Not on Display
475-221 BCE
Credit Line: 
Bequest of Jerome Strauss
Web Description: 
Strauss, Jerome (1893-1978), Source
Primary Description: 
Bead. Semi-opaque blue glass, appearing almost black in reflected light, with semi- opaque blue and opaque white inlays; beadmaking. Bead: cylindrical, tapered at ends, with perforation 0.55 cm in diameter. Completely covered with decoration arranged in two continuous bands with edges parallel to ends of bead. Each band has outer border consisting of two continuous parallel lines and inner, shared border consisting of three continuous parallel lines. Decoration within each band consists of three contiguous lozenges which touch inner and outer borders; each lozenge contains circular inlay at center and smaller circular inlays at all four angles; triangles between borders and each pair of lozenges all contain circular inlay at center and three smaller circular inlays at angles. Linear and small circular inlays are filled with white glass; larger circular inlays are filled with "eyes" with blue centers and three concentric rings of white, blue, and white.
The Survey of Glass in the World (1992) illustrated BIB# 44518