Beaker with Palmettes and Half-Palmettes

Object Name: 
Beaker with Palmettes and Half-Palmettes

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Object Name: 
Beaker with Palmettes and Half-Palmettes
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 12.3 cm, Diam (about): 9 cm
Not on Display
Primary Description: 
Colorless. Blown; relief-cut. Beaker shaped like truncated cone. Rim plain with rim ground flat; wall straight and tapering; base rounded. Relief-cut decoration on wall and base. Wall has continuous frieze bordered by one horizontal rib below rim, and one horizontal rib at junction with base. It contains three large and three smaller motifs; large motifs are identical and equidistant, each consisting of palmette on stem with double outline; lower stem divides into two tendrils, which curve down, out, up, and in, and terminate in half-palmettes; below stem and between tendrils, one kite-shaped boss. Smaller motifs occupy spaces between palmettes; they are (from right to left) inscription, symmetrical arrangement of tendrils and half-palmettes, and inscription (?). Base is decorated with four palmettes pointing toward center. Outlines of large motifs and parts of smaller motifs are notched.
Smith, Ray Winfield (American, 1897-1982), Source