Big Arcus/Arcus III

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Object Name: 
Big Arcus/Arcus III
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 104.1 cm; Base W: 86.2 cm, D: 16.7 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of the artists
Web Description: 
Glass can be transparent, translucent, or opaque, and the objects that you see in this area illustrate these three different states. Although this sculpture is opaque, it still holds and reflects light, which is a characteristic unique to glass.
Libensky, Stanislav (Czech, 1921-2002), Source
Heller Gallery, Source
Brychtova, Jaroslava (Czech, 1924-2020), Source
Primary Description: 
Transparent blue-gray glass; chunks of glass melted in a mold, cut, ground, polished. Massive solid cast abstract sculpture with modeled non-polished front side and flat back, vertical shape has semi-circular top with elongated sides (front left side tapers in slightly towards base, front right tapers out slightly towards base forming inverted bucket silhouette), overall shallow depth with thickness swelling to widest point at left front, exterior (except for base) tapers to thin irregular undulating edges, sculpture is pierced (upper half, towards left) by recessed semi-circular "key hole" that slices diagonally through thick area towards left front base dividing the sculpture into a narrow "leg" with roughly equal-sided triangular base, and remaining wide base section in shape of obtuse triangle; overall internal veiling, front has overall mold marks, back side is ground and polished flat with scattered bubble indentations; inscribed: on lower right corner of front: "Libenský-Brychtová 92-93".
Corning Museum of Glass
Sculpture Gallery
Title Unknown (Heller Gallery)
Heller Gallery
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