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Object Name: 
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Overall H: 57.2 cm, W: 102.5 cm, D: 24.5 cm
On Display
Web Description: 
Looking out the window of his studio one day, Ivan Mareš was impressed by a swarm of black butterflies that looked, he said, as if they were “wearing black evening coats.” The form of the butterflies was the basis for this abstract sculpture. In Blackcoater, the thickest parts of the sculpture are a nearly opaque purple that absorbs light. As the glass becomes thinner toward the edges, the color lightens and becomes transparent, like the water at the edge of a dark pond.
Judy Youens Gallery, Source
Primary Description: 
Deep amethyst lead glass; fused in a mold (mold-melted), cut, ground, polished. Large symmetrical horizontal sculpture cast in "double-diamond" wings shape with central crossed legs; each "diamond" wing front in slight relief and comprised of three planes (one large polished diamond and two unpolished narrow triangles with overall mold marks, large diamonds taper at outside edge); at narrow juncture of "wings" small triangles linked by thin horizontal undulating "skirt" extrusion of glass; back side juncture also has skirt with broken edges, back of each wing left unpolished and sculptured in radiating pattern of shallow, gradually widening, stepped planes; wings rest on the squared points of large diamonds and central pair of narrow crossed solid tubular legs in form of "x" extending from center juncture and angled slightly outward for support.
Corning Museum of Glass
Sculpture Gallery
Title Unknown (Judy Youens Gallery)
Judy Youens Gallery 1991 through 1991
Title Unknown (Maurine Littleton Gallery)
Maurine Littleton Gallery 1990-10-21 through 1990-11-14
Kunst mit Glas: Vladimir Kopecky & Ivan Mare
Essener Glasgalerie 1989-11-12 through 1989-12-22
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The Corning Museum of Glass Annual Report 1992 (1993) illustrated, pp. 9, 11; BIB# AI96377
Recent Important Acquisitions, 35 (1993) illustrated, p. 134, #35; BIB# AI32226