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Object Name: 
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 10.2 cm, Diam: 20 cm
Not on Display
about 1830-1837
Primary Description: 
Colorless lead glass; blown, cut, engraved, painted, gilt. Deep, globular form, with everted, rounded rim; formed of two glass bowls cemented together at the rim; the inner bowl with cut notched rim, with wide, rounded tongues with rounded ribbing outlining the tongues, rolling over the rim, with fans of cut fluting between; cut on the outside in a series of oval facets, above a series of oval facets alternating with flute-cut fans, above a series of rounded panels; the flat base with engraved Royal Arms of Great Britain with the shield of Hannover, silvered, against a muddy, dark red background; the inside of the bowl with gilding under the fans on the rim, gilt leaves under the tongues, and dotted yellow bands under the framing ribbing; the first row of cut ovals with gilt shells with red backgrounds, with red backgrounds, with gilt foliate sprays alongside; the fans below gilt, the ovals between with red and gilt foliate designs, against a white background, and the bottom panels with formal gilt foliage against a white background; the remaining background a dark brown; the outer bowl with cut concentric grooves around the everted edge, and cut vertical grooves forming a blaze at the bottom; on the inside, a band of formal foliage panels at top, above a band of gilt anthemians with foliate edges against a white ground, above a series of gold flutes imitating the cutting; the remaining background a dark red-brown; polished base with polished pontil mark, colored red-brown inside.
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