Cameo Scent Bottle with Tapestry Decoration

Object Name: 
Cameo Scent Bottle with Tapestry Decoration

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Object Name: 
Cameo Scent Bottle with Tapestry Decoration
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 16.9 cm, W: 3.6 cm, D: 3 cm
On Display
about 1880-1900
Credit Line: 
Gift of the Ennion Society
Web Description: 
The delicate tapestry pattern comes from five layers of glass that the engraver carefully carved away to reveal each underlying color.
Jacobson, Susan Kaplan, Source
Engraved on top of cap
Scratched on inside of hinge
Scratched around neck of metal collar
T. & Co. 14 Kt
Stamped around neck of metal collar
Primary Description: 
Cameo Scent Bottle with Tapestry Decoration. Orangish red, colorless, and white glasses, 14 karat gold; cased, blown, carved, assembled. Flattened elongated teardrop-shaped ("lie down") scent bottle with five layers of glass: base white overlaid with orangish red and white with layers of colorless glass between. Each side of bottle decorated with a single white multi-pointed floral bloom with hanging circular medallion flanked on top and bottom with vegetal sprays; interior of medallion decorated with carved lattice and dots. Four white trefoil shapes cascade down from neck of bottle; tips of two trefoils overlap floral bloom. Elongated white vertical lobe decoration around base of bottle. Raised white decoration is set atop a background of orangish red glass layered over white glass. The orangish red glass is cut in an ornamental tapestry pattern consisting of line-filled triangles and circles; the thin orangish red layer remaining beneath the carved decoration appears yellow atop the layer of white glass beneath. 14 karat gold collar with hinged flattened globular cap inscribed with the letter "M". Cork fixed within cap.
Acquisitions (2017) illustrated, pp. 26-27 (#18); BIB# AI103665
The Corning Museum of Glass Annual Report 2016 (2016) illustrated, p. 29 (bottom left); BIB# 714015