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Object Name: 
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Overall H: 104 cm, W: 43 cm; Foot Diam (max): 25.4 cm; Without Top Candle H: 80 cm
On Display
about 1900-1950
Primary Description: 
Candelabrum. Clear glass with few impurities; free-blown, pattern molded, with applied tooled, pressed, pattern molded and flashed decoration. Conical slightly domed foot with heavy folded bubbly rim of pale aquamarine blue glass; shaft: stemmed vertically ribbed inverted baluster (12 ribs) surmounted by a stemmed vertically ribbed large pear-shaped knop (12 ribs) flaring at top, stemmed vertically ribbed flattened knop (12 ribs) with applied pink prunts supporting stemmed, cup-shaped, straight-walled and at its bottom gadrooned top with heavy folded rim of pale aquamarine blue glass. Out of cup emerges a slender vertically ribbed ovoid continuation of shaft (12 ribs) with neck, rim having an applied pale blue crimped zig-zag collar; above a stemmed finial consisting of two stemmed flower- like crimped motifs, each one with three blue, pink and yellow applied blossoms and top one forming a socket for a candle. Out of cup-shaped top of shaft emerges nine S-shaped arms with sockets holding candles; sockets consisting of ribbed flattened knops and crimped leaf-like rims with applied blue and pink balls; chains of coiled threads connect arms by being attached to coiled rings with blue crimped "wings" hanging from arms; urn-shaped "drops" consisting of blue ribbed flattened knops between mereses and stemmed ball knops are hanging from these coiled rings. Out of cup emerge also six coils bend downwards and two bent upwards with crimped wings of clear and pink glass and finally coils turned upwards emerge out of cup forming stems for pink and white-blue blossoms with yellow center. Candelabra has been electrified; cup-shaped top of shaft holds "junction box".
Hoesen, Mrs. Martha van, Source
Flowers Which Clothe the Meadows
Corning Museum of Glass 1978-04-26 through 1978-10-21
If you can't grow em, make em (2008-11-08) illustrated