Chartreuse Pair

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Object Name: 
Chartreuse Pair
Accession Number: 
(a) Pitcher H: 76 cm, W: 15 cm; (a) Pitcher Foot Diam: 13.5 cm; (b) Vessel H: 38 cm, W: 24.2 cm; (b) Vessel Rim Diam (max): 19.5 cm; (b) Vessel Foot Diam (max): 15.6 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of Mike and Annie Belkin
Web Description: 
Marioni works with traditional Venetian glassblowing and decorating techniques in original and inventive ways. Using pop, comic-book colors paired with classical forms, he has developed several series of blown glass vessels that look contemporary while they also pay homage to the tradition and history of Italian glass. One of the forms in this Pair is the becco di oca (goose-beak) pitcher, a popular Italian shape with an ancient Etruscan heritage. The footed cup is derived from the shape of the ancient Greek kylix, a two-handled ceramic drinking vessel.
Belkin, Mike, Source
Belkin, Annette, Source
Primary Description: 
Vessels, "Chartreuse Pair". Colorless, opaque yellow green and various shades of orange glass; blown, applied, tooled, assembled; (a) attenuated to pitcher shape in yellow green with orange band at rim, neck, base, orange stem and handle. (b) attenuated two handled vessel; thistle-like bowl with two large curving handles rising from near base atop merese and tall trumpet stem/foot; orange band at rim and edge of foot, handles orange as is merese between bowl and stem.
A Kaleidoscope of Color: Studio Glass at the Palmer
Palmer Museum of Art 2017-01-31 through 2017-05-21
This exhibition will highlight newly acquired works from the remarkable studio glass collection of Bette (’58) and Arnold Hoffman (’57). Recent gifts from Audrey and Norbert Gaelen (’47) and Julia K. Muller and Earl K. Shreckengast (’72) will also be featured, as well as a selection of promised gifts from prominent local collections. Represented will be an international roster of glass artists working today including Therman Statom, Lino Tagliapietra, Martin Janecky, Tobias Møhl, Etsuko Nishi, Oben Abright, Daniel Clayman, Hiroshi Yamano, John Kiley, and Dante Marioni.
Corning Museum of Glass
Changing Exhibitions Gallery
Corning Museum of Glass 2004-03-08 through 2004-10-31
Corning Incorporated Gallery 2005-02-11 through 2005-07-30
Contemporary Glass Vessels: Selections from the Corning Museum of Glass (2015) illustrated, p. 24, 160-161 (fig. 31, plate 57); BIB# 149403
Celebrate Glass! (2005-06-24) illustrated
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A Tour of Renaissance Europe Through Glass (2004) illustrated, p. 5; BIB# AI63624