Commemorative Vase with Portrait of Josef Stalin

Object Name: 
Commemorative Vase with Portrait of Josef Stalin

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Object Name: 
Commemorative Vase with Portrait of Josef Stalin
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Overall H: 48.7 cm, Diam (max): 21.3 cm
Not on Display
Web Description: 
Vase depicts Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (1879-1953). It celebrates his 70th birthday and is a gift from a collective within the Soviet Communist Party. Translation was provided 5/17/95 by Richard O'Brien. Design also celebrates the success of post World-War II industrialization of the U.S.S.R. In 1949 the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Comecon) was established among the Communist countries of Eastern Europe and a plan for a series of large hydroelectric stations on the Volga River was initiated. Imagery may also refer indirectly to this event.
Christie's, South Kensington, Source
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below Stalin
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below workers
Primary Description: 
Colorless glass overlaid with transparent cobalt, metallic silver and copper; mold-blown, acid-cut, fabricated silver and copper, assembled. Tall heavy baluster-shaped vase of colorless overlaid with cobalt acid-etched to varying depths producing relief decoration of deep blue in foreground, pale blue in middle-round and translucent colorless background; extended narrow columnar neck capped with fitted silver collar with wide flat rim that extends at right angle past opening and broad band portion covering upper half of neck with four evenly spaced five-pointed copper stars and a narrow rolled lower edge; vase divided into two wide halves separated by two narrow vertical side panels formed by framed stylized leaf and vine borders extending up from near base and across shoulder of vessel, scrolling foliage meets and becomes more elaborate at shoulder incorporating small evenly spaced stars and hammer and scythe symbols, each of the two narrow side panels has relief of different Kremlin tower with rays radiating from spire of each tower, intaglio etched to colorless at top of domed and columned tower is "1917" and at the base of this tower is a large hammer and scythe etched to colorless over a blue leafy bough, opposite tower/gate topped with a star, etched above to colorless "1949", at base of tower is blue star-shaped wreath over a leafy bough; one broad side of vessel displays deep blue relief portrait bust of dark-haired man with mustache in three-quarter profile facing viewer's left, figure wears high-collared military jacket with a star hanging from the collar, jacket decorated at right with a hanging star medal, bust rises from v-shaped fanned frame formed by two rows of eight superimposed banners or flags, at their base juncture is a horizontal symmetric leafy bough with ribbons extending from each side, left ribbon etched with 1879 and right with 1949, below are five lines of Cyrillic script; decoration of other vessel half depicts busts of five individuals
Corning Museum of Glass 2003-03-20 through 2003-09-01
West Bridge Show
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