Cylindric Form SV 82014 M

Cylindric Form SV 82014 M

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Object Name: 
2-part Sculpture
Cylindric Form SV 82014 M
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
(a&b) H: 35.4 cm; (a) H: 25.5 cm, D: 12.6 cm; (b) H: 10.6 cm D: 13.2 cm
Not on Display
Primary Description: 
Colorless and translucent white and charcoal gray to grayish-mauve glass; blown. (a) Colorless gather slightly inflated, partly covered with white trails, marvered and inflated further, decorated with gray-black trails, and cased in colorless; rim finished at glory hole. (b) colorless gather slightly inflated, cased in white, inflated further, decorated with white and gray-black trails, and cased in colorless; mouth closed by tooling, cracked off and sealed with colorless blob. Two-part sculpture: (a) hollow cylindrical base, closed at top, supporting (b) spheroid, which rest on top of (a). (a) Upper surface plain, pushed in at center with rounded edge; body has roughly vertical wall but is wider at bottom than top; rim at bottom plain with rounded edge finished at glory hole; large pontil mark in hollow on top. Applied decoration: against white background which covers top and uppermost four-fifths of wall and resembles swirling clouds, three stylized gray to grayish-mauve human figures, two on one side and one opposite; each blob-like head and attenuated body and limbs. (B) Slightly flattened spheroid sealed at bottom with flattened colorless blob. Applied decoration: against white background, group of three irregular but roughly parallel, but curving gray to grayish-mauve stripes, which intersect group of four similar white stripes at right angles at top of object. Both objects signed with diamond point: (a) "Sybren Valkema, CHARLIE MEAKER ESSENER STUDIO SV 82014 M" ON TOP, IN CIRCLE AROUND PONTIL MARK; (b) "SV 82014 M" on bottom of wall, near pad.
Valkema, Sybren (Dutch, 1916-1996), Source
New Glass Review, 4 (1983) illustrated, p. 23, #86;
Cylindric Form SV 82014 M (1982) illustrated BIB# 99455