Cylindrical Bottle featuring a Bull

Object Name: 
Cylindrical Bottle featuring a Bull

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Object Name: 
Cylindrical Bottle featuring a Bull
Place Made: 
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Overall H: 25.5 cm; Shoulder Diam: 13.6 cm, Rim Diam: 7.65 cm, Weight: 522.51 g
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Primary Description: 
Cylindrical Bottle featuring a Bull. Transparent emerald green; small bubbles. Blown; facet- and linear-cut. Bottle with roughly cylindrical body. Rim is broad flange with rounded lip; neck cylindrical, but wider at bottom than at top; shoulder rounded; wall tapers slightly and curves in at bottom; base plain and slightly concave; irregular pontil mark (Max. Dim. 2.1 cm). Top of rim, neck, shoulder, and wall have rather perfunctory facet- and linear-cut ornament. Top of rim is decorated with eight pairs of short radial cuts that begin at lip. Neck has three continuous horizontal bands of facets bordered by one or two grooves. Bands contain following motifs (from top to bottom): (1) and (2) five contiguous pairs of triangular facets forming motifs shaped like bow ties, and (3) 10 rectangular facets. Decoration on shoulder consists of two continuous horizontal bands separated by groove: (1) upper band is bordered by pair of grooves at top and consists of 14 contiguous linear-cut lozenges; and (2) lower band is bordered by single groove at bottom and consists of about 33 shallow circular and oval facets. Wall is decorated with broad horizontal band bordered at bottom by one groove, which forms groundline for three linear-cut bulls with long, curving horns, walking in left profile. At bottom of wall, continuous 199 row of about 50 small transverse oval facets.
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