Decanter Engraved with Battle between the USS Hornet and HMS Peacock

Object Name: 
Decanter Engraved with Battle between the USS Hornet and HMS Peacock

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Object Name: 
Decanter Engraved with Battle between the USS Hornet and HMS Peacock
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 27.9 cm; Body Diam (max): 15.3 cm
Not on Display
Web Description: 
These two ships fought battle during the War of 1812. The engraved scene on the decanter illustrates the moment when the Peacock surrendered and sank, only 15 minutes after the battle commenced on February 24, 1813. The initials "JL" may stand for the Hornet's captain, James Lawrence.
Leaugeay, Ihmsen, Former Collection
Phillips, P. Leaugeay, Former Collection
Phillips, Dr. J. L., Former Collection
Stevenson, Mrs. L. P., Former Collection
McKearin Antiques, Source
Engraved body
Primary Description: 
Decanter. Clear glass with slight greyish tinge; wear marks at base; free blown, tooled and engraved; globular body (capacity: a little over two quarts) with concave base having rough pontil marks and tapering towards almost cylindrical neck with flanged lip or rim; stopper (not original stopper) of pressed glass with mushroom finial; three angular collars applied to neck; on the body the naval engagement between the "Hornet" and the "Peacock" in the War of 1812, lower part of body engraved to imitate water: two boats bring survivors from the sinking British to the victorious American ship; on the other side: "THE HORNET AND PEACOCK" above two leaf sprays enclosing the initials "J.L.".
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