Decanter and Stopper

Object Name: 
Decanter and Stopper

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Object Name: 
Decanter and Stopper
Accession Number: 
(a&b) H: 23.3 cm, (a) H: 19 cm, diam (base): 8.3 cm; (b) H: 7.3 cm
On Display
about 1851-1855
Credit Line: 
Gift of Miss Marion Pike
Primary Description: 
Colorless, lead glass; blown, cut, engraved. (a) Cylindrical shape body; large flat collar, three applied rings on neck; sloping shoulder with ten cut facets; slightly bulbous sides with ten cut, arched panels at the top and the same below, reversed (each panel is copper-wheel engraved with flowers and leaves except for one in the bottom register with "John/H/Leighton"); flat, ten-sided base with ground and polished pontil mark and scar in the center. (b) Octagonal shape, polished, flat top cut with a sixteen-pointed star, engraved flowers on sides.
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