Desk Set

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Object Name: 
Desk Set
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
H(max): 27.4 cm, W(max): 23.1 cm
Not on Display
about 1850
Primary Description: 
Colorless non-lead glass, stained red; blown (mold-blown), cut, stained, enameled, gilded, stamped metal. (a) Roughly oval form with flat top and slightly lobed sides; of colorless glass, stained red all over; the top polished flat, decorated with gilt scrolls and polychrome enameled floral sprays; four cut circular holes in the top, two large ones at the side, two smaller ones, capped with gilt metal tubular caps toward the back, the caps with stamped radial foliate motifs; oval depression at the front, for wax seals; the rim of the depression gilt, and the inside covered with gilt scrolls; the rim faceted and gilded; the vertical sides cut with vertical facets and raised heart-shaped panels, decorated with gilt scrollwork and polychrome enamel floral sprays; the bottom rim cut in a Vandyke border; the base unit holds a covered well for shot (b, c), a covered well for sand (d, e), and two pen holders (f, g). (b) Well for shot, stained red all over: rounded, upturned rim, cut with scalloped edge, gilded; the sides of the rim with cut and gilded rounded fans, alternating with cut triangular facets, each with stylized foliate motif; panel-cut, straight sides below; chamfered rim; polished flat bottom. (c) Cover, stained red all over: disk shape, with cut facets on top, with repeated gilded scrolls and dots; chamfered rim; raised polygonal section at the center, with gilded dots; flat disk finial, mounted on a short, waisted stem; the disk with cut rounded radial ribs, highlighted with gilding. (d) Well for sand, stained red all over; the form and decoration matching that of (b). (e) Cover, stained red all over: concave, circular disk, with 12 cut circular openings, each outlined with gilding, and scattered gold dots; the rim outlined with two gilded rings; formerly cemented to (d). (f, g) Two pen holders, stained red all over, except on the peg of (f)... For complete description see Notepad: Full Desc 1990-12-30
Strasser, Rudolf von, Source