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Object Name: 
Accession Number: 
D(rim): 8.4 cm
On Display
about 1-50
Primary Description: 
Translucent yellow-brown, amethyst and deep blue glass with opaque white, yellow, red and light blue with milky white streaks, all glasses are dull and slightly pitted, interior surface reground; millefiori or ribbon glass technique. Lens-shaped bowl formed by fourteen ribbons of three different configurations arranged symmetrically around a central coil of yellow-brown glass with a spiral opaque white trail; (1.) translucent medium blue streaked with white; (2.) a yellow-brown stripe with opaque yellow, red and white on either side; (3.) in a field of medium blue with white streaks, square cane elements of translucent amethyst around a thin opaque white liner with a square translucent deep blue center set alternately on end and on side to create a repetitive chain; the outer segments of the bowl are filled with alternating bands of configuration 2 and 1; the underside reveals the central trail and the two complex millefiori ribbons are not backed by translucent yellow-brown but extend through the entire thickness of the vessel, the form is finished by wrapping a yellow-brown coil with opaque white trail around the exterior and overlapping it in several areas to fill in irregularities; the exterior surface was fire polished while the inner surface seems to have been reground in modern times.
Smith, Ray Winfield (American, 1897-1982), Source
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Corning Museum of Glass 1978-04-26 through 1978-10-21
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