Double Tube

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Object Name: 
Double Tube
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 32 cm, W (max): 7 cm
On Display
Primary Description: 
Bluish green, transparent glass; blown, trailed. Double cosmetic tube made by pinching cylindrical parison to form vertical diaphragm. Rim outsplayed, with tubular lip made by folding out, up, and in; wall vertical, curving in at bottom; base plain; large pontil mark in form of scar that covers most of the base, with patch of scale. Wall was decorated both before parison was pinched and after forming had been completed: before pinching, narrow trail was applied to cylindrical parison and wound spirally around it at least 13 times; after forming, two thick trails were applied to each tube; they were dropped onto bottom of wall, with large blobs at points of attachment, drawn vertically up wall in seven loops, and cast off on top of lip. Basket handle made by dropping two trails onto tops of trails on lip of one tube, drawing them up, over, and down, and attaching them to second tube, making two parallel loops; then by dropping two trails onto upper side of one loop, drawing them up, over, and down, and attaching them to second loop, making two new parallel loops, which are perpendicular to lower loops; finally, by dropping single trail onto top of one upper loop, drawing it up, over, and down, and attaching it to other upper loop.
Smith, Ray Winfield (American, 1897-1982), Source
Glass from the Ancient World
Corning Museum of Glass 1957-06-04 through 1957-09-15
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