Enameled Ewer with Stopper

Object Name: 
Enameled Ewer with Stopper

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Object Name: 
Enameled Ewer with Stopper
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 17.9 cm, Diam (max): 6.7 cm
Not on Display
Primary Description: 
Opaque white, with opaque orange, light green, pink, and black enamels, gilding; Blown; applied, ground; enameled, gilded. Ewer with a stopper. The ewer has a slender, pear-shaped body. The rim is plain, with a flat top and a rounded edge. The neck is cylindrical, wider at the bottom than at the top, and it merges with the wall. The lower part of the vessel was applied and consists of a shallow conical foot with a rounded edge. The underside of the foot is hollow and it has a circular pontil mark containing scale. The ewer has a spout, which was applied to the upper wall, drawn up and out, cracked off, and ground. Opposite the spout, is a handle attached to the upper neck and the top of the wall. The stopper has a knop shaped like an onion. The tip of the spout and the stopper were finished by grinding. The ewer has gilded and enameled decoration. The upper neck has a horizontal band of freely painted pink chevrons that begin and end at the upper handle attachment. The lower neck and the wall are divided by gilding into four horizontal rows of compartments. The spout interrupts the top three rows and intrudes upon the bottom row, and the handle interrupts the top two rows and intrudes upon the third row. The top two rows, therefore, have two compartments on each side of the vessel, the third row has seven compartments, two of which are incomplete, and the fourth row has nine compartments, two of which are incomplete. Each compartment contains a single flower with six pink petals and an orange center, on a short stem with two or more leaves painted in green and black. The edge of the foot is decorated with a continuous band of nine contiguous purplish pink arcs. The bottom of the spout has a spray of pink and orange flowers on a green and black stem and with leaves of the same colors. The top of the handle, too, has a flower with pink petals and a short stem and leaves of green and black. Top of rim, top of spout, narrowest part of stopper are gilded.
Glass of the Sultans
Benaki Museum
Corning Museum of Glass
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Glass of the Sultans (2001) illustrated, p. 294, #149; BIB# 68105