Calcedonio Pitcher

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Object Name: 
Calcedonio Pitcher
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 30 cm, W: 20.2 cm, Diam (max): 14.5 cm; Rim Diam: 8 cm
On Display
about 1500-1525
Credit Line: 
Gift of Robert and Deborah Truitt
Web Description: 
Calcedonio is a marbled glass that imitates agate, a banded form of chalcedony. It was produced in Venice by Angelo Barovier (1405-1460), and it has remained in limited production ever since.
Truitt, Robert, Source
Truitt, Deborah, Source
Primary Description: 
Calcedonio Pitcher. Calcedonio. Blown; applied. Bulbous body tapering, then slightly flaring to fire-polished rim; joined directly to high pedestal foot with outfolded rim. Long, tapering spout and solid ear-shaped handle applied to bulb; handle joins wrapped band around neck about 2.5 cm below rim.
Global Luxury in Renaissance Venice
Gardiner Museum 2021-10-19 through 2022-05-29
The exhibition will explore renaissance Venice as a vibrant point of cultures and ideas. It will present Venetian maiolica in dialogue with a range of fine and decorative arts: from Chinese porcelain and Islamic metalwork to Venetian glass and painting, highlighting processess of exchange and adaptation, as well as rivalry and imitation across media. The exhibition will feature maiolica from the Gardiner Museum's collection, which will be enhanced by loans of ceramics, textiles, metalwork, glass, engravings, drawings, painting, and more.
Corning Museum of Glass
Changing Exhibitions Gallery
Moments of Vision: Venice and the Islamic World, ca. 1300-1700
Institut du Monde Arabe 2006-10-02 through 2007-02-18
Metropolitan Museum of Art 2007-03-26 through 2007-07-08
Corning Museum of Glass 2004-05-13 through 2004-10-17
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