Facet-cut Bowl

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Object Name: 
Facet-cut Bowl
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 4.1 cm, Diam (max): 14.4 cm
On Display
about 301-600
Primary Description: 
Transparent pale green, with very few small bubbles. Blown and cut. Bowl: segmental. Rim plain, with flat upper surface finished by grinding and polishing; wall curves down and in and merges with rounded base. Decorated on wall with five continuous horizontal rows of 19 crisply cut facets arranged in quincunx and on base with circular medallion. Rows, from top to bottom: (1) facets are rounded at top and three-sided at bottom, with each pair connected by short horizontal groove; (2) most of facets are six-sided, with each pair separated by small uncut square; (3 and 4) similar to (2); (5) facets have five straight sides with curved side at bottom. Medallion has, at center, wheel-cut equal-arm cross within square consisting of four straight cuts which almost touch ends of arms of cross and, outside this, two concentric lines separated by continuous band of straight cuts which radiate form center.
Safani Gallery, Source
Sasanian and Post-Sasanian Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass (2005) illustrated, pp. 43-44, #45; BIB# 88262