Possibly Fragment of Beaker with Inscription

Object Name: 
Possibly Fragment of Beaker with Inscription

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Object Name: 
Possibly Fragment of Beaker with Inscription
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 3.7 cm; Estimated Diam: 11 cm
Not on Display
perhaps 800-999
Primary Description: 
Possibly Fragment of Beaker with Inscription. Transparent light purple, transparent greenish blue, and colorless. Method of forming uncertain (see Remarks); finished by cutting, grinding, and polishing. Beaker (?). Rim plain, with flat top, which is ground and polished; wall vertical. Exterior has five, presumably continuous horizontal bands: (from top to bottom) colorless (W. 1.2 cm), purple (W. 0.8 cm), colorless (W. 0.7 cm), blue (W. 0.6 cm), and colorless (W. at least 0.4 cm).. In purple band, outer surface protrudes 0.1 cm beyond colorless surfaces and its inner surface is flush with the inner colorless surfaces; outside haskufic or pseudo-kufic inscription with incised outlines. Blue band has both surfaces flush with surfaces of colorless glass, and is plain. Interior has narrow, horizontal groove immediately above top of purple band.
Smith, Ray Winfield (American, 1897-1982), Source