Fragment of Bowl

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Object Name: 
Fragment of Bowl
Accession Number: 
Overall W: 6.4 cm
Not on Display
50 BCE-25 CE
Primary Description: 
Translucent deep blue, yellow-green, yellow-brown, and amethyst bands with thin bands of opaque white and two colorless bands casing gold foil, interior retains thin silvery iridescent film; mosaic or gold band glass technique, lathe-cut. The design radiates from the center of the bowl in a clover-like motif in four or five elements, the center banded amethyst cased with a thin band of white followed by green, white and yellow-brown, a wide band of colorless glass with gold foil is followed by blue, white and yellow-brown. Fragment preserves rim and portion of body, ground rim is rounded with a slight groove on exterior, the wall forms a vertical collar with convex profile before bending in sharply to form truncated conical vessel, the carination is marked by a lathe-cut ring left in relief.
Sangiorgi, Sergio (Italian), Source
Sangiorgi, Giorgio (Italian, 1886-1965), Former Collection
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