Fragment of Cup

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Object Name: 
Fragment of Cup
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 5.3 cm; Wall Diam (estimate): 10 cm
Not on Display
Primary Description: 
Transparent blue glass; blown, scratch-engraved. Fragment of cylindrical cup. Wall descends vertically. Exterior has two horizontal bands of scratch-engraved ornament: (1) upper, narrow band has single border lines at top and bottom, and contains row of isosceles triangles resting on lower border and filled with transverse hatching; below this is narrow undecorated area and, below that, (2) lower, broad band, apparently divided by pairs of border lines into adjoining upright and inverted triangles; part of one upright triangle survives, containing single motif with lobed sides and wedge-shaped top, interior of which has two concentric circles; inner circle is hatched, outer circle is plain, and remainder of motif has transverse hatching; to left, small part of one inverted triangle survives; it contained some other, unidentified motif.
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