Fragment of Mosaic Bowl

Object Name: 
Fragment of Mosaic Bowl

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Object Name: 
Fragment of Mosaic Bowl
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 1.8 cm; Estimate Rim Diam: about 7 cm
Not on Display
about 800-899
Primary Description: 
Opaque red, opaque white, translucent blue, opaque light brown, and opaque light yellow; and opaque green, opaque light brown, and opaque yellow. Slices of cane fused to form disk, which was slumped; ground. Fragment of circular bowl(?). Rim plain, with rounded lip; wall (Th. 0.2–0.3 cm) tapers before curving down and in at shallow angle and merging with plain, slightly convex base. Surviving part has cane slices with two different patterns: (1) with red dot at center, surrounded by ring of alternating blue and white radial stripes, brown ring, and yellow ring; and (2) with green center, surrounded by brown ring and yellow ring. Slices apparently were arranged in concentric circles, with each circle containing a single pattern and circles of pattern (1) alternating with circles of pattern (2). However, slices with pattern (1) are larger and more conspicuous, while many slices of pattern (2) were squeezed during the fusing process and are almost invisible. Exterior is fire-polished and rather uneven; interior is matte.
Tano, Phocion J. (Greek), Former Collection
Islamic Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass Volume Two (2014) illustrated, p. 15, #598; BIB# 113723