Fragment of Plate or Platter

Object Name: 
Fragment of Plate or Platter

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Object Name: 
Fragment of Plate or Platter
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 7.3 cm
On Display
75 BCE-25 CE
Primary Description: 
Smokey grey-brown obsidian appearing black, unweathered with some chips and scratches; lathe-cut and intaglio engraved. Fragment preserves segment of rim and part of body along with a handle cut in the shape of a feline with a long tail; only hind leg and tail are preserved. The animal stand on a roughly rectangular stylized ground, the surface of which has been irregularly cut and polished to simulate a rock ledge. Thick almost square profile rim retains elaborately decorated wide horizontal lip which bends down sharply and in to form body of vessel; the outer rim is separated from the handle by two deep lathe-cut grooves on either side of a convex band which retains small circular intaglio cuts at ca. 1.5 cm. intervals, a third groove cut next to the second forms a small relief-cut groove which highlights a second large register intaglio cut with a stylized egg and dart motif which appears to have been once filled with a white powdered glass material; the floor of the vessel is highlighted by a lathe-cut step at the outermost diameter.
Sangiorgi, Giorgio (Italian, 1886-1965), Former Collection
Sangiorgi, Sergio (Italian), Source
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