Fragment with Saints Peter and Paul

Object Name: 
Fragment with Saints Peter and Paul

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Object Name: 
Fragment with Saints Peter and Paul
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Overall Diam (max): 9.2 cm
On Display
Primary Description: 
Transparent very pale glass with small bubbles; gold leaf sandwiched between two sheets of glass fused together, perhaps by blowing. Roundel with grozed edges cut from base of vessel; two sheets of glass, each 0.2 cm thick; edge of base disk turned down to form low foot with fire-polished edge; decorated in gold leaf attached to upper surface of base disc: reciprocal border, serrated, cut, scratched and containing busts of Peter and Paul, each in tunic and pallium, with full hair and beards, with heads in profile facing one another. Between heads, small figure of short-haired and beardless Christ in tunic and pallium, arms outstretched holding in each hand wreath over head of each apostle. On either side of Christ's head, space-filler. Behind head of figure on left, "PETR/VS" in thickened capitals with diagonal "S". Area behind head on right damaged.
Sangiorgi, Giorgio (Italian, 1886-1965), Source
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