Globular Bottle with Flange Rim

Object Name: 
Globular Bottle with Flange Rim

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Object Name: 
Globular Bottle with Flange Rim
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 14.9 cm, Diam (max) 8.7 cm
Not on Display
probably 900-1099
Primary Description: 
Almost colorless, with yellow tinge. Blown; facet-cut. Bottle: globular. Rim consists of hexagonal flange, which is higher at lip than at center; neck cylindrical and wider at bottom than at top; shoulder slopes; base is disklike, with trace of pontil mark. Decorated on neck, shoulder, wall, and base. Decoration on neck consists of three bands separated by raised horizontal ribs: top band has six contiguous rectangular facets, middle band is plain, and bottom band has six larger contiguous rectangular facets. Shoulder has two shallow “steps.” Wall is decorated with three continuous horizontal rows of 13 contiguous circular facets arranged in quincunx, below which are two shallow “steps.” Base has nine contiguous oval facets on side and shallow countersunk boss (D. 2.4 cm) on bottom. Bottle has three horizontal bands of light red pigment: at top of neck, top of shoulder, and bottom of wall.
Balassan, Norik, Source
Islamic Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass Volume One (2010) illustrated, p. 48, #61; BIB# 113723