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Object Name: 
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Overall H: 17.8 cm; Rim Diam: 14.3 cm; Foot Diam: 7.7 cm
On Display
about 1600-1650
Web Description: 
Such thinly blown glasses with filigree decoration, which recall the shallow drinking tazzas favored in Italy, are typical of Catalan glass production in Venetian style. Since the late middle ages, Catalonia had a prominent tradition in glassmaking. It was influenced by Islamic glass, and later, since the early 15th century, by the example of Renaissance Venice. (see 66.3.58)
Lubin, Edward R., Source
Primary Description: 
Wineglass. Clear bubbly glass with amber tint; free-blown, with latticinio decoration. Plain slightly irregular spreading foot, very slender pipe-like stem, slightly increasing in diameter upwards; a merese separates the stem from the bowl, the lower part is cylindrical and flares to very wide walls with outfolded rim; opaque white plain latticinio stripes have been applied to the bowl, some don't reach the central bowl.
Corning Museum of Glass 2004-05-13 through 2004-10-17
Mille Anni di Arte del Vetro a Venezia
Palazzo Ducale 1982-07-24 through 1982-10-24
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