Goblet with Portrait of Prince Eugene

Object Name: 
Goblet with Portrait of Prince Eugene

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Object Name: 
Goblet with Portrait of Prince Eugene
Place Made: 
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Overall H: 28.4 cm; Rim Diam: 13.5 cm; Base Diam: 14.4 cm
On Display
Primary Description: 
Colorless non-lead glass; blown, cut, engraved. Large, conical bowl with rounded base; cut border of semicircular facets, outlined with a chain of tiny cut beading; the sides nearly covered with engraving, on one side the bust of a man above an altar inscribed "EVGENIVS/FRANCISCVS/DOMITOR HOSTIS"; figures of soldiers hold a laurel wreath above his head, the figure at the left wearing a plumed helmet and classical armor, pointing a baton at the inscription; two figures at the right, wearing plumed helmets and classical armor, one with a lance, the other holding a ram; a trophy of arms below, at either side, with a large oval shield bearing an eagle with lightning bolts and a crescent moon; on the reverse, an angel of Fame blowing a trumpet, before an obelisk; an oval panel at the center, inscribed "EVGENII/[FRANCIS]CI/[FAMAHAV]D/PER[IBIT] IN HIS/ TERRIS"; two swags of fruit and foliage suspended from the border, at either side; angular merese above a hollow molded hexagonal pedestal stem, the faces panel-cut, with diamond facets at the corners; band of matte-cut pointed "leaves" at the base of the stem; sloping, circular foot with engraved rounded panels encircling the base of the stem; sloping, circular foot with engraved rounded panels encircling the base of the stem, outlined with cut beading, each panel containing, alternatively, foliate scrollwork or an oval facet framed with small beading; three vignettes of trophies of arms alternating with three stacks of cannonballs topped by fire bombs, near the rim; folded rim; rough pontil mark.
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