Gold-Glass Bowl

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Object Name: 
Gold-Glass Bowl
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 7.7 cm, Diam (max): 15.3 cm; Wall D: .5 cm
On Display
225-100 BCE
Primary Description: 
Gold-Glass Bowl. Pale yellowish-green glass, gold; sagged, fused, ground, polished. Thick white and iridescent weathering crust on interior, pitted exterior with patches of iridescence. Rounded conical form, rim finished by grinding; three registers of gold glass decoration roughly divide the bowl in half; principle design of the lower half is a stylized eight-petaled rosette with alternating long stem stylized flowers which radiates from the base. The buds of the flowers differ remarkably, all being composed of irregular but roughly geometric slices of gold leaf. This pattern is divided from the register above by a simple horizontal band. The central register consists of a repetitive series of roughly oval to diamond shaped leaves alternating with sprigs of berries. Each sprig consists of three leaves with two long stemmed berries. This register is separated from the narrow rim design by a second simple horizontal band. The rim register is a stylized "bead and reel" pattern of twenty-eight diamonds shaped beads alternating with a reel composed of two vertical strips.
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