Grow Up

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Object Name: 
Sculpture in 2 Parts
Grow Up
Accession Number: 
(Aab) H: 59.7 cm, Diam: 22.9 cm; (Bab) H: 58.6 cm, Diam: 22.9 cm
Not on Display
Primary Description: 
Colorless, opal, transparent blue, gray, green, violet, yellow and amber, opaque blue and orange non-lead glasses; blown, hot formed, cut, laminated. Unidentical pair of plantlike forms; each component consists of a large, hollow, spherical bubble (one amethyst/yellow, one opalescent/amber) with a narrow opening on the top; into the opening is placed a stylized stem and root consisting of a vertical length of smoked glass, tapered at the top and decorated with a pair of applied green "leaf" knops, base of stem is laminated to a solid knop that rests on the opening of the bubble; to the bottom of knop is laminated a spiraling solid length (orange sits in amethyst bubble, blue in amber bubble) that hangs within the sphere, almost touching the interior base; base ground flat; inscribed in script on base of each bubble: "A. Ueshima".
Ueshima, Aiko (Japanese, b. 1957), Source
A. Ueshima
Inscribed base of each in script
Glass '87 in Japan
Odakyu Department Store 1987-09-11 through 1987-09-23
Tokyo and Fukoka, Japan, Japan Glass Artcrafts Association
Recent Important Acquisitions, 31 (1989) illustrated, pp. 116-117, #47; BIB# AI23357
Glass '87 in Japan (1987) p. 160; BIB# 32756