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Object Name: 
Sculptural Vessel
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 38.5 cm; Foot Diam: 10.5 cm
On Display
Primary Description: 
Bowl and foot: colorless "flashed" deep transparent red (ionization of cupric oxide); iguana: colorless overlaid with translucent blue, transparent red/amber and light green, tan dots non-lead glasses, borosilicate; flameworked. Tall goblet with red bowl and foot, stem in the form of an upright iguana with limbs positioned to suggest running movement; tulip shaped bowl with flared rim, narrow lip, collared neck and almost spherical walls; base of bowl connected by small bit of colorless to top of head of iguana with pointed head and bulging eyes, neck flap with red dot outline details, short graduated triangular spines run down "S"-curved back and tail with tip curving under the body and up towards legs, flattened body has applied "arms" (both bent at elbow at right angles to each other-one is reaching in front of body, the other is turned down), four long tapered toes; longer and thicker toed legs are also bent (one bends up to extended front arm, one angled down towards looped tail); overall coloration of iguana is almost opaque blue with greenish/amber translucency on limbs, overall thin red/amber striations and light colored small irregular spots; iguana connected with small colorless bit to hollow conical base with thin rim; no pontil; inscribed on outside of foot, near base rim: "RAM 93".
Grohe Glass Gallery, Source
Corning Museum of Glass 2002-10-17 through 2003-02-16
New Glass Review, 14 (1993) illustrated, p. 21, #50;
Sangre del Iguanazul (1992) illustrated BIB# 108787