Marquiscarpa #26

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Object Name: 
Marquiscarpa #26
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 16.2 cm, W: 26.9 cm, D: 9.7 cm
On Display
Credit Line: 
Partial gift of Daniel Greenberg, Susan Steinhauser, Ruth T. Summers, and the artist
Web Description: 
Unsatisfied with the limited techniques practiced and taught in American studio glass in the 1960s, studio glass pioneer Richard Marquis went to the Venini glassworks on Murano in 1969. There, he observed and worked with some of the most talented glass masters in the world. He later shared his knowledge of historic Italian techniques, such as murrine (mosaic) and filigrana (filigree), by demonstrating and teaching at workshops throughout the United States and Australia. The interior of this Marquiscarpa is gilded, but you would not know it unless you picked up the piece and looked into its base. Marquis commonly signs his murrine objects with a signature cane that may be his name or an object, such as a teapot.
Summers, Ruth T., Source
Greenberg, Daniel, Source
Steinhauser, Susan, Source
Marquis, Richard (American, b. 1945), Source
Primary Description: 
Opaque red/pink, white, chartreuse, black, red, dark blue, yellow, metallic gold lead glasses, gold leaf, silicone. 3 parts: bowl section is fused murrine, slumped over a mold; knop and foot are fused and blown murrine; all are wheel-carved and adhered together. Shallow opaque murrine vessel on tall hollow stem/foot; elongated canoe-shaped bowl with one rounded end and one tapered and squared then cut in 6 irregular notches; long ovoid bowl is murrine squared cane slices, bowl has slightly flattened wide rim and broad central band in same pattern of murrine. Within band is a single cane slice depicting a teapot on a squared pink background; bowl is attached to flattened knop of cane slices forming a pattern of yellow dots on black background and embedded with one signature cane; a thick red wrap connects knop with tall conical stem/foot of murrine canes with dark blue/black square center surrounded by white forming an overall irregular checkered pattern, one signature cane is embedded vertically in upper section; slightly flared narrow foot area has thick red wrap base edge; inside of stem/foot covered in gold leaf; entire exterior surface has been wheel-cut to create a martelé or battuto matte faceted finish; no pontil.
Corning Museum of Glass 2013-02-16 through 2014-02-02
This exhibition is part of the Corning Museum’s ongoing Masters of Studio Glass series developed to provide a platform for in-depth surveys of artists represented in the Museum’s permanent collection.
Corning Museum of Glass
Changing Exhibitions Gallery
Corning Museum of Glass 2004-03-08 through 2004-10-31
Corning Incorporated Gallery 2005-02-11 through 2005-07-30
Designs in Miniature: The Story of Mosaic Glass
Corning Museum of Glass 1995-06-03 through 1995-10-22
Title Unknown (Betsy Rosenfield Gallery)
Betsy Rosenfield Gallery 1991 through 1991
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