Molar Flask

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Object Name: 
Small Mosaic Bottle
Molar Flask
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 4 cm, W: 1.6 cm; Hole Diam: 0.5 cm
On Display
about 800-899
Primary Description: 
Probably transparent green base glass; white, deep blue (appearing black), and yellowish green cane slices; and deep blue (appearing black), white, and dull red slices. Base glass perhaps rod-formed; slices picked up on base glass, marvered, cut, polished. Bottle. Horizontal cross section of body is eightsided: square, but with chamfered corners. Shoulder slopes and has one broken bubble at edge; wall vertical; chamfers terminate in short, tapering “feet” with triangular cross sections; one chamfer has broken bubble. Exterior is covered with rather jumbled arrangement of two alternating bands of cane slices, which descend from shoulder in clockwise direction: (1) three to five rows of slices, each of which has blue dot at center, surrounded by narrow white and narrow red circles, and with outermost circle of red and white stripes; and (2) two rows of slices, each of which has white dot at center, surrounded by narrow blue circle and outer circle of yellowish green with white dots.
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Title Unknown (Bergstrom Art Center)
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