Mosaic Glass Perfume Bottle

Object Name: 
Mosaic Glass Perfume Bottle

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Object Name: 
Mosaic Glass Perfume Bottle
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 18.7 cm, Diam: 2.7 cm
On Display
199-1 BCE
Primary Description: 
Translucent yellow-brown glass matrix with opaque white bands (so-called agate or onyx glass), chipped and spalled surface with some spots of brown weathering crust; mosaic glass technique, ground and polished. Fusiform or biconical vessel, round rim, short cylindrical neck retains a horizontally cut rib or fillet below which the body spreads out toward widest part near bottom and tapers back into a point. The vessel is formed of two major serpentine elements of eight bands, one is folded back and forth to make nine loops while the other has thirteen, the entire surface has been ground and polished, cylindrical interior chamber (?).
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Hambar, Dr., Former Collection
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