One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

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Object Name: 
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Place Made: 
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Overall H: 50.3 cm, W: 50.4 cm
Not on Display
Primary Description: 
Colorless non-lead glass, transparent polychrome glass enamels; slumped, reverse-enameled, scratched with a stylus, multiple firings. Thick, flat square of glass slumped so only a small centered square is slightly concave, overall intricate reverse-enameled decoration with black outlines and details filled with color, around top half of overall composition is a narrow border band with yellow-amber background filled with top views of various crawling insects; plate has been divided into three general vertical rectangular sections; the entire front left segment is filled with a large yellow vase holding a bouquet of red-orange and purple flowers sitting on the upturned section of a round table with black edge; center vertical section consists of top semi-circle extending from exterior border to edge of slumped center square, semi-circle is bordered with a light blue band also filled with crawling insects, within border is a large brown rat in profile against a yellow background with three white diapers fluttering from a clothes line, center concave square has a border enclosing a light blue background, in the foreground a black bull head mask with blue eyes faces forward upon the shoulders of a human, at lower left are the profiles of a white dog with hanging tongue and a yellow rooster, bottom rectangle has three non-identical staggered human feet and ankles facing forward on yellow ground hatched to create plaited appearance, above is a light blue horizon, two borders on short sides have red background and vertical rows of white toe or finger nails facing in; top half of front right panel is filled with overlapping red and orange safety- and clothes pins and three blue fish against a transparent bluish white background with faint interlocking linear patterning, bottom half of section is divided into five small narrow horizontal rectangles filled with horizontal elements.
Glass Artists Gallery, Glebe, Source
DCocks 94
Scratched lower right corner of vase at right
Ausglass in Adelaide
BMG Art Gallery 1995-01 through 1995-01
The Corning Museum of Glass Annual Report 1995 (1996) illustrated, pp.15, 27; BIB# AI95180
Recent Important Acquisitions, 38 (1996) illustrated, p. 261, #64; BIB# AI97737
The Corning Museum of Glass Annual Report 1995 (1996) illustrated, pp.15, 27; BIB# AI95180