Pitcher with Rosettes

Object Name: 
Pitcher with Rosettes

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Object Name: 
Pitcher with Rosettes
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 16 cm, Diam (max): 11.7 cm
Not on Display
perhaps 1000-1299
Primary Description: 
Pitcher with Rosettes. Transparent light green; two large, elongated bubbles and many smaller bubbles. Blown (body blown in mold with two vertical sections); handle applied. Pitcher: roughly globular. Rim plain, with rounded lip; neck cylindrical; shoulder flat, with rounded edge; wall curves out, down, and in; base plain, with low kick; pontil mark circular (D. 1.1 cm). Handle formed from two adjoining bits dropped onto edge of shoulder, drawn up and out and in as narrow rods with circular cross sections, and attached to rim and top of neck; just in front of each attachment, each rod is pinched to form nearly vertical thumb-rest. Mold-blown decoration consists of two continuous horizontal friezes, which together fill wall from junction with shoulder to just above base. Upper, wider frieze has upper and lower border lines and is filled with seven contiguous circles, each containing rosette with eight petals, all in relief, and with groups of three circular depressions in spaces between borders and each pair of circles. Lower, narrower frieze has 19 roughly rectangular bosses, which are taller than they are wide. Mold seams are present but difficult to see.
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