Mosaic Plaque with Brothel Keeper

Object Name: 
Mosaic Plaque with Brothel Keeper

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Object Name: 
Mosaic Plaque with Brothel Keeper
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 2.8 cm, W: 2.4 cm
On Display
25 BCE-75 CE
Web Description: 
The Brothel Keeper was a character in the type of Greek drama known as New Comedy.
Sangiorgi, Sergio (Italian), Source
Sangiorgi, Giorgio (Italian, 1886-1965), Former Collection
Primary Description: 
Mosaic Plaque with Brothel Keeper. Canes of opaque yellow, opaque brick-red, opaque white and translucent amethyst glass in a translucent yellow-green matrix, bubbly with some black stone and surface pitting; mosaic glass technique. Plaque formed of two identical halves mounted in a modern gilt paper binder; a fantastic theatrical mask consisting of a yellow face with elements delineated in amethyst; eyes are formed of amethyst centers with concentric circles of yellow, amethyst, and white on a red ground; an amethyst liner and eyelash, and an alternating opaque white and opaque yellow eyebrow; the mouth is amethyst surrounded by brick-red and a mustache of alternating opaque white and colorless canes along with colorless strokes indicating lines on the cheek; hair formed of triangular canes of opaque white set in colorless glass and outlined with an opaque white cane, the hair and beard terminate in long thin streaks.
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