Rainbow Noir

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Object Name: 
Rainbow Noir
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 37 cm, W: 39.5 cm, D: 44 cm
Not on Display
Web Description: 
Rhoads is best-known for her innovative use of Venetian blown glass techniques, such as murrine and filigrana, which she has applied to sculptural forms as well as to vessels. She recently developed the time-consuming process used in Rainbow Noir, which involves painstakingly weaving pieces of blown and cut glass tubes with copper wire. One of the more unusual aspects of this sculpture is that the structure appears soft and textile-like; it is not rigid but flexible. The words “soft” and “flexible” are adjectives rarely applied to glass, which is most often rigid, hard, and shiny.
Chappell Gallery, Source
Primary Description: 
Brown, colorless and white glass; blown cane, cut, and assembled with copper wire. Sculpture is a large "soft" cube made up a cut cane slices that have been woven together with copper wire. Piece is dark brown and colorless on one side and slowly transitions to white and colorless on the other. The entire piece is flexible overall and all sides appear either convex or concave depending upon placement.