"Tantalus" Set

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Object Name: 
"Tantalus" Set
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 27.2 cm, W: 17.1 cm, D: 15.6 cm
On Display
Primary Description: 
"Tantalus" Set. Set consist of two half-spherical decanters (a,d) with silver collars and caps (b,e) and glass stoppers (c,f) which fit together into a silver frame (g) which holds them upright, and locked into place with a silver ring (h). a and b are identical, blown into molds for shape, with base and flat side ground and polished, necks ground on the inside to fit the stoppers, and silver collars fastened with plaster of paris. (a) is engraved with a framed scene showing large barrels with spigots and a monk with a wine glass on a table and bottles on the floor and has the Hawkes trademark acid-stamped on the base. (b) is engraved with a similar scene showing the monk drinking from a wine bottle and also has the Hawkes trademark. (b, e), cylindrical silver caps, (c,f) mushroom shaped glass stoppers which are probably cast and ground and polished on top and sides, ground but not polished on neck; Hawkes trademark stamped on bottom of both. Silver frame has a circular base, divided by a soldered in partition, hollow tubing going up each side, swinging arms to encircle the decanter necks and a triangular handle on top. The piece which swings up to lock the arms has a "2" on the underside. The lock (h) is a spiral of silver colored wire.
From the Cutter's Wheel, Source
Scratched On shank of stopper (c)
Scratched On underside of the silver frame
Scratched On shank of stopper (f) and interior of neck of bottle (d)
Acid-stamp On bottom of bottles (a) and (d) and stoppers (c) and (f) 3-lobed symbol of Hawkes, consisting of two hawks flanking a fleur-de-lis? with the text beneath it.