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Overall H: 11.4 cm, W: 16.6 cm
On Display
Web Description: 
The Johns-Manville #475 marbles are a low-melting-point glass material that was supplied by Dominick Labino to the 1962 Toledo Workshop participants. They were widely used during the early years of American studio glass.
Littleton, Harvey K. (American, 1922-2013), Source
H K Littleton / 1965
above base
Primary Description: 
Fiberglas marbles, #475; blown, silver oxide decoration.
Fire and Vine: The Story of Glass and Wine
Corning Museum of Glass 2021-07-03 through 2022-12-31
Explore the many ways glass touches wine as it travels from the grape to your goblet in Fire and Vine: The Story of Glass and Wine. The entwined histories of glass and wine extend back thousands of years, from lavish feasts of ancient Rome, to the polite society of Britain in the 1700s, to formal dinner parties of post-war America, to an essential experience within our contemporary food culture. The strength, impermeability, and versatility of glass has played an important role in every step of wine’s journey, from the production, distribution, sale, and ultimately the enjoyment of this intoxicating beverage. During your visit, you’ll see a rare 2,000-year-old fragment of cameo glass depicting a grape harvest, a still-sealed bottle of wine found in a shipwreck off the coast of England, and an exceptional 400-year-old document describing an “almost unbreakable glass jar” that could prevent wine from spoiling. A focal point of the exhibition will be a dense display of dozens of wine glasses from around the world, representing many styles and tastes, fit for a variety of occasions. You will be able to envision the stories behind the glasses—and imagine yourself partaking from this delicate stemware that’s been part of countless life moments. In the exhibition, you'll also explore how the story of glass and wine has particular relevance in the Finger Lakes of New York State, which has been a nexus for both the glass and wine industries for more than 150 years. Independent, entrepreneurial winemakers and glass artists have found a mutual home in this region, building on historical tradition with new creative energy that makes Corning and the Finger Lakes an international hub for the entwined industries of fire and vine.
Corning Museum of Glass 2011-11-17 through 2013-01-06
West Bridge show at CMoG
Corning Museum of Glass 2005-11-17 through 2006-04-02
Corning Incorporated Gallery 2006-07-12 through 2007-01-06
Masterpieces of American Glass
Museum of Applied Arts 1990-07-27 through 1990-09-02
State Hermitage Museum 1990-09-15 through 1990-10-21
Museum of the State Institute of Glass 1990-11-02 through 1991-01-04
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