Vase with Abstract Decoration

Object Name: 
Vase with Abstract Decoration

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Object Name: 
Vase with Abstract Decoration
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 38 cm; Base Diam: 16.1 cm
On Display
Web Description: 
Vladimír Kopecký trained at the Specialized School of Glassmaking in Kamenický Šenov in 1946 and then moved to Nový Bor, completing his studies there in 1949. He joined Josef Kaplický’s studio at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague and graduated in 1956. Kopecký transferred his knowledge of and skill in painting and graphic arts to his work in glass. Under Kaplický’s tutelage, which encouraged freedom of artistic expression, Kopecký executed a series of enameled vases, like the one you see here. These vases were described by Kaplický as representing "new thinking in glass." Kopecký received a gold medal for his work at Expo ’58 in Brussels. Early in his professional career, Kopecký began to consult regularly with architects, designing panels and wall mosaics. He continued to apply his preferred techniques of etching and painting to sheet glass in architecture. His large, brightly colored, stained glass window, on display at Expo ’67 in Montreal, demonstrated his original and independent viewpoint.
Dan Klein Ltd, Former Collection
Primary Description: 
Colorless non-lead glass, opaque black and red enamel, translucent amethyst enamel; mold-blown, enameled, fired. Tall conical vase with narrow opening and flat circular rim (top surface and edge ground and polished flat); straight walls flaring towards base covered in upper half (except narrow band near opening) with background of translucent purple over lower half covered in opaque red, abstract linear design of thickly applied black enamel applied on two sides of walls from rim to base (one side of wide black lines and curves, other of narrow lines and curves); base has deep conical kick no pontil; inscribed in script on base edge: "Kopecký '59".
Corning Museum of Glass 2002-05-16 through 2002-10-21
National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library 2003-02-28 through 2003-09-28
Corning Incorporated Gallery
Masters of Czech Glass 1945-1965
Dan Klein Ltd
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