Winged Covered Goblet

Object Name: 
Winged Covered Goblet

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Object Name: 
Winged Covered Goblet
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 40.3 cm; (a) Goblet Foot Diam: 8.5 cm; (a) Goblet Rim Diam: 8.3 cm
On Display
about 1870-1880
Primary Description: 
Clear glass with a slight amber tinge and few minute impurities; free-blown, pattern-molded, with applied and tooled decoration. (a) Slightly spreading foot with thickened rim, slender inverted baluster stem resting on a merese and enclosing a red and white double spiral latticinio band, the thread figuration roughly forming an oval with two central loops extending towards the lower right and left side, the figuration being flat, and supporting a short cylindrical solid part which serves as stem for the deep straight-sided funnel bowl; (b) dome cover with bulge to serve as a stopper when put on the goblet, elaborate finial in smaller dimensions than the thread figuration of the stem; foot, stem and lower part of bowl have been patterned in a rib mold and twisted, especially the foot which shows a spiral formation; crimped parts (cross hatched) transparent turquoise blue glass have been applied to the thread configuration of stem and finial; wings have two leaves underneath, oblique lines through the thread configuration.
Blumka, Leopold, Source
J. Paul Getty Museum 2007-10-18 through 2008-01-14
Corning Museum of Glass 2008-02-15 through 2008-05-27
Corning Museum of Glass 2002-10-17 through 2003-02-16
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